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Beer Pong Styles and Variations - by Red Cup Pong!

Ultimate Beer Pong

This is the best way to play beer pong if your in the mood for a big social event. Get in teams of six or more depending on how much you want to drink.This is the best way to play beer pong if your in the mood for a big social event. Get in teams of six or more depending on how much you want to drink. Due to the massive amount of beer that has to go into this beer pong variation make sure to get at least 1 keg. If you play two games it will kill an entire keg. Now played on a ping pong table or table of that size is what makes this interesting. Start at the back and put as many cups are you can in a line, than work forward to make the pyramid. Fill the cups with beer as usual (just less than half is how we play).

Make sure that every player on the team has a beer pong ball. The way it goes is that one team starts, either through winning an eye stare toss or whatever you decide to begin the game. It is not the other teams turn until everyone has thrown their beer pong ball. When cups are made they are left on the table until the end of the turn. If someone from your team makes it in the same cup as you then it counts for 3 cups. If you make 3 balls in the same cup it is 5 cups pulled. Bouncing counts as 2 cups. There are no re-racks in this beer pong game so be strategic about your tosses.
Each side consists of a team of four people. They take turns shooting at the other team's cups. When shot is made team drinks beer according to own rules.(Split between all members, or pairs of two, for example)
The loosing team must drink the winning teams left over beers so good luck and have fun!

Long Island Style Beer Pong

Cups are arranged, 10 on a side, in pyramid formation, as shown.
Three beers per side, evenly distributed.
Each beer pong team of two starts off with one ball. Beer Pong players throw the ball across the beer pong table, trying to get the ball in a cup. When a ball lands in a cup, one player from that side must chug that cup, and it is removed from the play area (pushing it to the side is OK). When both players on a team sink a cup, they get the balls back.
Drinking is alternated. One player drinks the first beer cup, the other drinks the second, the first player drinks the third, and so on. Throwing can either be alternated or done two at a time. Some people think that throwing two at a time improves accuracy, but studies are inconclusive. It's up to you and your partner.
As soon as the ball touches anything, including a cup, it's fair game to be grabbed. If it bounces in, great, but you'd better hope your opponents have no reflexes. Bouncing it in counts for two cups.
Cups are restacked into pyramids when 6 cups and 3 cups remain on a side.
  • When 4 cups remain on a side, restack them in a diamond formation.
  • When 2 cups remain, they are placed one in front of the other.
  • When one cup remains, it is placed in the corner of the table.
When the last cup on a side is hit, the losing team has the opportunity to match, getting one or two balls to shoot depending on whether or not the winning team used both shots. If the losing team manages to clear all of the winning team's cups while matching, both teams resume the game with three cups and one beer per side.

Any cups left on the side of the winning team must be consumed by the losing team.

If a beer pong player, for any reason whatsoever, drops a ball into a cup on his own side, he must drink it. Additionally, his teammate has the right to smack him on the head for being such a dumbass. There can be no exceptions to this rule.
If the ball is still spinning in the cup, only girls can blow it out. If the ball gets wet, though, then it is declared in the cup.
Winning five games of beer pong in a row qualifies you as a dynasty.

Virginia Rules for Beer Pong

Quite different than the West Coast beer pong rules

6 Red or Blue "Party Cups". Fill the beer up to the first rim on the cup (about 1/3 full). This equals 2 full beers per team. We arrange them in a pyramid (a paddle off the back of the table), 3 beer cups in the back, 2 beer cups in the middle row, 1 beer cup in the front, all tightly pushed together. The cups are on either end of beer pong table, or on 2 separate tables about 15 feet apart if you don't have a ping pong table.
Water Cup. There is a cup of warm water to dip the beer pong ball in, in the event that the ball picks up something unpleasant off of the floor.
Singles or Doubles (same rules, if you're playing doubles, partners rotate shots and drinks)
Lobs only
Bounces off of anything count. As soon as the beer pong ball hits something, you can smack it away so it won't bounce in.
Drinks occur right after the shot is made. You can't shoot back until your drink is drunk.
Rebuttals - After the last cup is made, the team behind gets 2 shots (one per partner) to try and rebut.
Money ball.- This one is definitely different. We play with 2 beer pong balls. One is white, one is yellow. One partner shoots the white beer pong ball, the other shoots the yellow beer pong ball. If you make the yellow beer pong ball, you get it right back and retain your turn. You keep getting it back as long as you make it. Teams decide which player wants to throw their money ball. You can rotate back and forth between throwing the white beer pong ball or the money beer pong ball. Whoever is on a roll typically should throw the money beer pong ball.
Blowing.- If the ball is spinning around the cup and not yet touching the beer, female players can attempt to blow it out of the cup before it touches beer. Male beer pong players can not blow the beer pong ball out of the cup in the event it is spinning.
Streaking.- If one team didn't make a shot the entire game, first they finish the other teams' beers. Then they proceed to take off their clothes and streak 1 time around the house/apartment.

Bounce Pong

2 beer pong players on each side...10 cups about half way filled up with beer on each side. Object is to bounce the beer pong ball into one of the cups but you must be behind your set of cups, each player rotates, you must stand behind your beer cups and you must release the ball behind the beer pong table, if the ball lands in a beer cup then 1 of the other players from the team must drink the beer (the 2 rotate). Once 1 beer pong teams cup are all gone then that team loses, so the point is to make the beer pong ball into your opposing players cups and knock all the cups out, once a beer pong ball is bounced in a cup the cup is removed, each team has 1 chance to rearrange the cups they are trying to bounce in.

Your friends in Central PA

First put 6 beer cups in a triangle formation. The rules are as follows:

Object: Throw a beer pong ball into opponent's cup

1.Throw beer pong ball into any cup, opposing team player must drink that cup.
2.Bounce the beer pong ball into cup, the opposing team player must drink two beer cups, but the opposing team may swat it away if fast enough.
3.Bounce off the ceiling into a cup of beer the opposing team players must drink four cups of beer.
4.If a team member throws and makes the last cup of opposing team. The opposing team has a redemption shot, where he throws until he misses the shot.
5.Opposing team may throw the beer pong ball hard enough to knock a cup over if so that is additional cup of beer.
6.If you're good enough like me and my beer pong partners, you can become a member of the decade club. Win ten games in consecutive order!!!!
7.Must be wash cups, in case beer pong ball hits the floor. If you don't wash your beer pong balls, it is one cup penalty.
8.If you miss an opponents cup you must have a penalty cup at your side, you must chug this beer. Everytime you miss!!! (This makes for an interesting game)

Philly Style Beer Pong (Not Recommended unless your six)

What you need:

2 beer pong balls
2 teams of 2 players
beer pong table
a lot of beer
14 cups


1. Line cups of beer up 6 on each side (other 2 are to wash beer pong balls off) - line up starting with 3 then 2 then 1 kind of like bowling pins
2. You can either bounce it in or throw it in the cup
3. Ball goes in cup opposite team has to drink the beer cup
4. Both members of the team shoot , if both players on the same team make it in they get the balls back and get a chance to do it again. Whoever has cups left wins the game and the winner stays.
5. Side notes - after 2 bounces you may block the shot and you are allowed to try to blow the beer pong ball out of the cup with your mouth. If a cup is knocked off the beer pong table the opposing team has to drink it.

Triangle Beer Pong without Paddles

We use 15 beer cups on each side, aligned in rows...5 beer cups in the back, 4 beer cups right in front, 3 beer cups in front of that, then 2, then one... All beer cups must be touching, so it forms a triangle. Each cup is filled about halfway with beer. There is a team of two beer pong players on each side of the beer pong table and no paddles are used. Instead, one team starts the game by each person tossing a beer pong ball and trying to get it into one of the cups. If you get the ball into one of the opposing teams cups, one member of the opposing team drinks the beer in that cup, team members alternate who drinks the beer every time the other team gets a ball in their cup. Once the beer is drunk from that cup, the cup is placed aside and out of the triangle. Once the team has taken their two shots at the cups, the other team shoots back, and it goes on like that. The point of the game is to eliminate all of the other teams cups. The shot must be direct, and cannot bounce off the beer pong table and then go into the cup. Also, if both members of a team make their shots consecutively, the 2 balls are returned to that team and they get another chance. We used to play by your rules, but found this game to be much more competitive and fun. And tt doesn't take a blackjack game genius to figure it out.

UVM ZBT RULES for Beer Pong


26 cups of beer (2 triangles of 6 cups on each side, 2 wash cups)
2 beer pong balls
A F'N lot of beer
beer pong table
Rules of engagement (shots are thrown by hand, can be either bounce or air)

1. First throw is tossed by challenging/losing team ( team B)
A. if beer pong ball goes in, other team (team A) has chance to match
B. if team A matches, both teams drink cup fast as possible and attempt to make shot before other team. NOW its open table
2. If team A makes cup, team B must give beer pong ball back as fast as possible, while drinking the made cup as fast as possible. Team A has option of throwing beer pong ball before team B is finished drinking or. wait for team B to finish drinking
3. While team B is drinking: 2 scenarios
-team A makes shot- get both balls back
-team A misses shot- get one ball back
4. Throughout duration of game, missed shots are open balls: meaning-PLAYERS ARE ENCOURAGED TO WRESTLE/FIGHT FOR BALL until ball is in possession of either team
5. Once either team's cups are reduced to a total amount of 6 cups, cups are then put together in one pyramid
6. Knocked over cups are count as made cups, but team does not get ball back
7. Last shot, once the final cup is made,. there is a redemption shot,: losing team is aloud to shoot ball until they miss, only one player can take this shot. If each team has only one cup left, game goes into match mode, meaning once a beer pong ball is made, the other team has to match it,. this goes on until shot is missed
8. Losing team drinks winning teams beer

Melissa's rules Beer Pong

What you need:

14 cups
1 beer pong ball
a beer pong table
a lot of beer

You have teams of 2 and 6 cups on each side and an extra one filled with water in case the beer pong ball gets dirty.
One team goes first and if they make it in the other teams cup the other team must drink it.
To win you must get rid of all the other teams cups and whatever cups are left on the winners side the losers must drink
Only fill the cups a little less than half full and use the big plastic cups

Cockeysville Rules for Beer Pong


You begin with ten cups and two Natural Lights on each side of the beer pong table.
Have three beer pong balls, two whites and a multi-colored money ball.
Shoot at opposite teams cups and try to hit.
If you hit a cup they must drink what is in the cup before they shoot. If you get two balls in the same cup the other team must remove that cup and any three other cups of your choice. If you get three balls in the same cup game over and the other team must chug all remaining drinks on the table.
If you hit three balls but in different cups you are allowed the balls back.
The team that has lost regulation gets three balls to hit the remaining cups opposite their side of the table. For each ball that went in during rebuttals they get that ball back to try again. If team hits all remaining cups then the game goes to an overtime of six cup one beer.
Winning team stays on the beer pong table and begins the game with two of the three balls.
Rapid fire is allowed.

Rand-O Beer Pong Rules

What you need:

14 cups
2 Beer Pong balls
1 Beer Pong Table
A Shitload of Brew
How we do it:

6 cups per side, set up in a triangle-filled evenly with 3 beers. 2 wash cups. Winning team starts with the balls. If both shots are made-the ball come back to them. If a shot goes in a cup but is rolling around the inside of the cup you can try to blow it out, and as long as it doesn't touch the beer, it doesn't count as a hit. Once a team hits the final shot, the opposing team has the option of shooting ONLY as many beer pong balls as it took to win the game (If the winning shot was hit by player 1 on team A, they only get 1 shot, and if it was hit by player 2 they get 2 shots).

Beirut-East Coast Style Beer Pong

Bar Supplies

20 - 16 oz. red or blue cups.
3 beer pong balls.
A beer pong table
beer of course
2 cups of water for dipping the beer pong ball into just in case it hits the floor. Oh yeah make the cups of water cold, never attempt to put warm balls into a COLD BEER!

1. Pick a partner because it's 2 on 2.
2. Set 10 cups up on each side, in a pyramid formation 4,3,2,1, the set of 4 being in the back of course.
3. Fill your cups up using any beer of your choice, each side uses 2 beers to fill up their 10 cups.
4. The team that wins starts off with 2 balls, the incoming team has 1 ball and they are required to shoot first.
5. No bouncing and No leaning, just shoot the ball in the cup. If you shoot and the ball bounces off the cup its fair game, you CAN grab it! If it bounces off the cup and hits anything and goes back in IT COUNTS.
6. In the event that the ball swirls around the cup after a shot, ONLY girls are allowed to BLOW.
7. If you knock over a cup its gone, and you must drink whatever beer is left in the cup, if any at all.
8. If the opposite team makes a shot you must drink the cup before you can shoot back.
9. GANGBANGS! if you shoot and you make 2 balls in the same cup before the opposite team takes the cup away, they have to take away 3 additional cups of their choice plus the one you hit.
10. If you make all 3 balls in 3 different cups you get all the balls back, however if the other team throws a ball back and makes contact with any cup within the formation before you make the third ball you DO NOT get them back.
11. When the last cup is hit, the losing team is entitled to 3 rebuttals no matter what. While shooting those rebuttals if they make the shot they automatically get the ball back.
12. No distractions, waving the hands over the cups is for homo's. Girls taking off articles of clothing is perfectly legal.
13. No substitute shooters. You start the game, you finish the game.
Phi-Who Penn State Style Beer Pong

What you need:

28 cups (26 for playing, 2 wash cups)
2 beer pong balls
A lot of beer
1 beer pong table
2 teams of 2 players each
You may need a sipper beer if your opponents aren't sinking any

1. NO bounce. Straight throwing-it is all about the arch.
2. First shot-players decide who gets the first shot. One player from Team A shoots once. Team B gets the next two shots. The game proceeds with Teams A and B switching off every 2 shots.
3. If both players on a team make a shot in one team turn, the balls are returned. This can go on indefinitely.
4. If a cup is spilled, or knocked over by the ball, IT COUNTS. However, if it is the center cup, or last cup, it does not count and the cup must be re-filled all the way to the top. The team doesn't get the ball back either.
5. The two wing pyramids can be brought together if:
A. There are only 6 cups or less on the table
B. The center cup is made.
6. When a player makes the center cup, the cup is set aside until the opposing cup is made. When the second center cup is made, the players who made the shots, have a cheers and try to beat the opponent in finishing the beer.
7. Last shot:
A. Team A sinks one shot. Team B has redemption shots to try and make all their remaining cups on the table. Each player shoots until they miss.
B. Team A sinks both shots into the center cup. Team B has no redemption.
8. The losers must drink all the remaining beer on the beer pong table before the next game.
9. Throughout the game each player is allowed one guest shot by an outside spectator. These do not have to be used.

Extreme Beer Pong

What you need:

26 Cups - 2 Sets of 6 on each side of the ping pong table, and two for washing.
3 beer pong balls
4 players

1. Each player is responsible for the 6 beers in front of him/her.
2. Re-racks occur after each and every made shot.
5 cups remaining - 2 cups in front of three
4 - diamond shape with middle two cups touching
3 - standard triangle
2- one in front of the other
1 - when only one cup out of 12 remains, it goes in the middle of the side of the table.
3. One team starts with two balls, the other team starts with one.
4. Once a team has all three balls, this is what occurs:
1. Team A with all three balls shoots the first ball, if he/she makes one of the cups, the other team must drink it.
2. If while the opposing team member is still drinking the cup, and a player from the shooting team sinks another ball, one ball is given back.
3. If while both opposing players are drinking their cups, and ball number three is shot and sunk, then all three balls are given back. If one player is finished, and the other player is still drinking, and the cup is sunk, then two balls are returned. The way to determine if cups are finished, is whether or not the cup is finished and put on the table. If the cup is not on the table, then the shot is considered good.
5. The most important rule in Extreme Beer Pong - If a player shoots, and the ball bounces off of the table, or any object, or for any reason does not go in the cup, IT IS FULL CONTACT TO GET THE BALL*. So all the pro players, that catch it one bounce after a miss, are rewarded for their drunken hand eye coordination. Those amateurs out there, get penalized. (NOTE: MUST CARRY LARGE SURPLUS OF BEER PONG BALLS FOR GAMES). Once a player has control of the beer pong ball, the contact must end, unless of course you really don't like the person. Then do as you wish.
* Note - Players must stay at the end of the table and cannot line up beside it to get a running start. This is considered cheating and offenders should be beaten.

Losing team drinks extra beer, and REFILLS PITCHER FOR NEXT GAME. Winning team gets two beer pong balls in beginning of next game.

Dakota Style

What you need:

56 cups (yes, that's 56)
ping pong table or equivalent

A seven-tiered pyramid is made on each side(28 cups per side) with one 12 ounce beer in each cup.

Each side consists of a team of four people. They take turns shooting at the other team's cups. When shot is made team drinks beer according to own rules.(Split between all members, or pairs of two, for example)

Shots may be thrown or bounced in.

Losing team must drink remaining beers of winning team. Losing team is the team with no cups remaining.

If a team shoots out of order, takes too long between shots or interferes with the other team's shot, a one cup penalty is assessed, with the choice of cup up to the opposing team.

If a team knocks over one of its own beers, that beer and another penalty beer are assessed with the penalty beer chosen by the opposing team.

If a team drops the ball in one of their own cups, that cup must be drank and the turn is forfeited.

Each beer pong team is allowed two time-outs for bathroom breaks per game

Each game takes 1-1.5 hours. Dedication is required. Drinking on the side is allowed, but can inhibit one's abilities.

Most of the beer pong variations above are brought to you by the National Beer Pong League: Visit them at their website.

More Beer Pong Variations

There’s hundreds of ways to play beer pong/beirut, and everyone has there own set of rules, but I figured I would compile a list of some of the more popular variations of the game.  No matter which one you choose, you’re guaranteed to kick back and have a good time.  Always remember to enjoy responsibly though.  With that said here’s the list:
Virginia Style Beer Pong

-          Set up 6 cups in a triangle formation on both sides of the table (one in front, two in the middle, three in the back) on your favorite Red Cup Pong table
-          Place a water cup on both sides of the table as well to wash dirty balls during the game
-          Divide yourself into teams of one or two
-          Teams alternate shooting and in the case of two person teams each player gets one shot per round
-          Lob shots only
-          If a ball bounces off the table or a cup rim, then players on the opposing team may play defense to try and prevent the ball from going in a cup
-          In a two person game, players alternating drinking sunk cups
-          Before a player may shoot, they must drink any cups made in the previous round
-          Teams are typically allowed one re-rack of their choice per game, usually done with 3 cups remaining
-          After the last cup has been sunk, the opposing team is allowed rebuttal shots. Each player is allowed to shoot until they miss or until they have made all of the remaining cups.  If a team successfully completes a rebuttal, then each team sets up a three-cup triangle, and play continues.
-          Once a champion has been crowned, that team is allowed to stay on the table until they are defeated
10 and 21-Cup Beer Pong

-          Same rules as Virginia style, but with a couple variations
-          In 10-Cup there is a triangle set up with a base of 4 cups, while in 21-Cup there is a triangle set up with a base of 5 cups
-          Since there are more cups, it is often recommended to have teams of 3 when playing 21-Cup
-          For 10-Cup, teams are allowed two re-racks per game, one at 6 cups and one at 3 cups remaining.
-          For 21-Cup, teams are allowed three re-racks per game, one at 10 cups, one at 6 cups, and one at three cups remaining
-          In 21-Cup, it is common for players to match up with a player on the opposing team, and each time one sinks a cup, they must drink it.
Central Pennsylvania Beer Pong
-          Very similar to Virginia style with a couple of added flairs
-          Players may bounce, and if on a bounce the ball lands in a cup, the opposing team must drink two cups of the shooting teams choice.  Like in Virginia style; however, player may swat at a
-          Shots can be taken off of the ceiling as well, and a successful ceiling shot counts as four cups
-          For those with a more powerful arm, if you can throw the ball hard enough to knock a cup off of the table, then the opposing team must drink another cup
-          An additional rule for this game type is to have a penalty cup.  Whenever a player misses a shot, he must chug the penalty cup, guaranteeing everyone is feeling good by the end of the game
Traditional Paddle Beer Pong

-          Teams of two arrange two cups on each side of the pong table, one cup in each corner.
-          A single point is awarded if the pong ball hits the opponent’s cup, and five points are awarded if a player sinks the ball into the opposing teams cup or manages to knock it over.
-          When you double fault, hit yourself, or hit your opponent, you must take a drink, but this does not count as a point against you.
-          In the case of a hit, the opposing player must take a drink.  In the case of a sunken cup or knocked over cup, the player must fill up their cup and chug.
-          Players play to 21 as in normal ping pong, and must win by 2 points
-          A valid serve only occurs when the ball has touched both sides. Following a drink, the team that drank serves the ball the next round.
-          Once the ball has been properly served, it is game on.  Players may play the ball off of any surface: walls, ceilings, tables, counters, you name it.  You may play the ball only once on your side of the table, and play continues either until a player must drink or until a team unsuccessfully returns the ball.

Additional Rules:
-Blowing- if there are guys at the table then players on each team are allowed to try and blow the ball out of a cup as it rims around.  Girls typically only use this technique.
-Fingering- if there girls are on the table then players are allowed to try and finger the ball out of a cup as it rims around.  Typically used by guys, players must make sure the ball or their fingers do not touch the beer otherwise it doesn’t count.
-Skunking- If a team fails to make a single cup before the other team makes all of their cups, then the losing team must strip off all of their clothes and run around the party completely naked.
-Bouncing Only- One variation of the game could be created in which players on each team are ONLY allowed to use bounce shots.  This would be fairly difficult since most players are not very skilled at the bounce shot.  Although it is not a commonly instituted rule, only allowing players to use bounce shots could be an interesting spin on any home game
-Rollbacks- Rollbacks are a critical part of any game when determining rules.  I can’t even begin to tell you the number of arguments I have seen over rollback rules.  The most commonly allowed rollback is when a missed shot rolls back to the shooting table while remaining on the table.  If the shooting team recovers the ball, then the person who shot the ball is allowed another shot.  This shot must be either a behind the back or opposite handed shot to make it more difficult to sink the cup.  Another aspect of the rollback is when both members of a team both make their shot in the same round. In this case they get both the balls back and are allowed to continue shooting.  If you decide you are going to allow rollbacks make sure you lay down the guidelines early to avoid the inevitable argument over house rules
-Calling Cups- In some games I have seen additional cups awarded to players who call out their shots.  If the player successfully makes a cup, this would count for two cups; however, if he makes a cup he didn’t call or misses altogether, then it doesn’t count.
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