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Become an Affiliate (15 minutes) :
Step 1: Create a Unique Link
Step 2: Select a Banner, or Make Your Own
Step 3: Edit the Code We Provide to Show the Right Image and Size on Your Site!
All can be done in under 15 minutes!

Why Red Cup Pong?

Do you own a website with a customer base that matches beer pong tables and beer pong products?  Make extra money by referring customers to Red Cup Pong.  You will receive a 10-20% commission on any beer pong table sale, with the average sale around $135.  By working with Red Cup Pong, you receive the highest rates on any beer pong and bar site!  Also, visit our Bar Toys Direct Affiliate Program Sign-up to receive more from your website traffic!

Create a Unique Link

First, sign up for unique URL here.  Any traffic that visits your unique URL by clicking banners, hyperlinks, links from blogs, etc, that makes a purchase will result in a commission.  Even if they buy 2 weeks later, you still get a commission!

Select a Banner or Make Your Own

We offer a variety of banners below, or if you have design experience you can make your own.  In addition, if you get over 20,000 page views per month, email us at for your own custom banner if interested!  As far as banners go, just select one that fits well into your website.

Modify the Code Below:

You want to pick a banner, and have it show up on your site in the correct size.  And you want the banner to direct customers to your unique link, so when they purchase an item, you get paid!

Here is the text you need:

<a href=""><img src="" width="999" height="99" alt="Airaid Intake" border="0"/></a>

To revise this code correctly, you need to make 3 changes outlined below:

Modification 1:

Replace the first link,  with your unique affiliate URL.  You receive this URL when you sign up to become an affiliate.  In addition, you may just email us at with your url and we can track the banner sales manually (but signing up is recommended and takes 3-5 minutes).  To get your unique URL, sign up here
Modification 2:

Replace the second link, , with the URL of one of the banners below.  You may also create your own banner, and link to it.  However, the images below are simple to use and hosted on our servers.

Modification 3:

Finally, adjust the height.  Each image below has the recommended height.  The default settings in this code put the width at 999 and the height at 99.  Be sure to change these to your banner size.

Banner Options:

Banner 1: 
Image source -
Size - 250W x 250H

Banner 2:
Image source -
Size - 240W x 400H

Banner 3:
Image source -
Size - 728W x 90H

Size - 250W x 250H

Size - 600W x 160H

Size - 160W x 600H

Jumbo - Size - 590W x 590H