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Red Cup Beer Pong (Also known as Beirut) Rules and Guide

Beer pong is one of the most fun games known to man, and your pong table is the perfect platform to play!

Who you need:

Four People - This is the standard beer pong game setup.  Two teams of two.  Variations do exist with more individuals. Learn more about different beer pong variations!

What you need:

  • 2 Cups filled with water (To clean the pong balls).
  • 12-20 Solo Cups
  • 6 to 10 cups per team, depending on whether you are playing 6 cup or 10 cup pong. 6 cup pong is standard, while 10 cup games are a little longer.
  • Beverages to fill each cup with. You can play with anything from water to beer. How much you fill up the cups is up to you, but 24oz to 48oz of drinks of liquid is pretty standard.
  • A Red Cup Pong ( professional beer pong table, or a home-made table
  • Pong balls (6 included with all of our tables!)

Goal of the game:

This is debatable, but traditionally you want to sink your pong ball in all of the other teams cups.

Legal Stuff:

Beer pong is a term used to describe these pong tables that some customers may recognize. The game is meant to be played with any beverage, and drinking beer is optional. Individuals that choose to use alcohol must be over 21, and comply with all local restrictions. In areas drinking games are illegal, be sure to play beer pong with water or another beverage. Party safe.

Starting a Beer Pong Game:

If you are just getting to the table, and no one has played yet, you do Eye to eye to determine which team shoots first. One player on each team looks the opposing playing in the eye, and without looking away, they shoot their pong ball at the opponent's cup, hoping to sink the ball in the cup. If both shooters sink their pong balls, or neither hit, the other teammates repeat the Eye to Eye process. If one team sinks their shot, while the other misses, then they shoot first. No cups are removed through the eye to eye process (Eye2Eye) as the teams are determining who starts! If you and your partner or partners are playing a team that won the last round, they get to shoot first. Beer pong is make-it-take-it, but the previous winners should be at a disadvantage, especially if they have already had a few brews.

Making Beer Pong Shots:

Shooting is one of the most controversial parts of pong and beer pong. You must be careful to not let your opponents pull cheap shots, but if you call them on it too many times, they may get upset, or make fun of you. When shooting, keep an eye on the cup, usually the one in the center. Arch your arm back, and bend your news a little. The motion is really in your elbow, and you want to keep your wrist straight. Depending on the table length and height, you may want to have a lot of arch, or you may want to have only a little arch on the beer pong ball. This is also personal preference. On short tables, or tables high off the ground, you want to have more arch. This is because you are less likely to bounce a beer pong ball or miss your shot with more arch. But, if the table is too long, arching too much may be difficult, so it may be worth it to shoot straighter shots. When you hit the rim of a red cup, the ball may bounce off and away from the cup, resulting in a frustrating miss. If you have more arch, this is less likely to happen. Also, be sure your opponents fill the cups up with water or other beverages, as less filled cups are likely to bounce more and be harder to sink. And if you want to get sneaky, hardly fill your red cups during the pong game.  Always watch your elbows, are you can get called out for elbows or leaning!

Sinking a Beer Pong Shot:

Once you sink a ball, the cup you sunk the pong ball in is removed and emptied. The goal is to sink all of the cups.


Depending on house rules, there may be a bonus for bouncing your beer pong balls off the pong table and into the cup. If bouncing is allowed, you usually get an extra cup for each shot you bounce in. But, your opponent will be allowed to block the shot once the ball bounces, so you have to be sure they are clumsy or not looking when you shoot the pong ball. Sometimes, bouncing is against the house rules, so be sure you find out. Also, if the pong ball bounces more than once, you get more additional cups removed. So if you sink two bounces, than you get to remove three (3) cups, and if you bounce the ball three times before sinking, you can remove four (4) cups.


Traditionally, you get 1 re rack (rerack, re rack, etc) per game, whenever you want. But you must request the re rack when your team is ready to shoot, as asking any other time breaks beer pong and pong manners. However, in ten cup beer pong games (10 red cups on each side), you may get two re racks per game. You may be allowed to use both of these re racks whenever, but in some situations you re rack when you have six cups left, and then again when you have three cups left. The rules on this depend on the house rules. When you re rack, you can request any shape or rack you want.

Common shapes for re racks are outlined below, and these often include the stop light, triangle, side car, and parallelogram. Game Ending Events: To end the game, you must sink their last cup. If the first person to shoot on your team sinks it, you still get to shoot again. If you make it too, then the game is over. However, if you miss the second shot, your pong opponents are offered redemption in most cases. If you used a re rack, each of your opponents gets a redemption shot. If they sink their redemption shot, they get to shoot again until they miss. But don't worry. Unless they sink all of your remaining cups before each opponent misses one time, then you win the pong game. If they do happen to sink the rest of your cups, than you each place three pong cups back on the time, and continue the game. If you never re racked earlier in the game, then the opposing team is not offered a redemption for the pong game.


When playing pong, as well as beer pong, be sure to rinse the balls in the water cup, to prevent contamination.

House Rules:

Any pong player knows that when you play beer pong, the owner of the residence has a standard set of rules for beer pong play, regardless of who brings the table. These can vary completely, but we will lay out a few common exceptions to the standard beer pong rules and regulations.  Here are Red Cup Pong we use our official beer pong rules !

Blocking beer pong shots:

Depending on house rules for pong and beer pong, you may be able to try to block a pong ball shot that spins around the inside of the cup without touching the water. You may be able to blow air to try to force it out, or you may be allowed to use your finger to hit it out, or pinch it. This depends again on house rules, and sometimes gender. If you knock the cup over while trying to remove the pong ball, than they automatically sunk the cup, and any other cups knocked over in the process. You may also swat away shots that bounce off any surface. In some situations, the shots are null as it is.

Roll Backs:

A once popular part of pong, the roll back is slowly fading out in pong and beer pong games. A roll back is when you shoot, and the ball hits a cup, person, or surface, and rolls back across the table to your team, without ever touching the ground. If rollbacks (roll backs) are allowed in the house rules, then the team that recovers the ball gets to shoot again. And, depending on house rules, you must shoot your free rollback shoot with two methods:

  • Behind-The-Back Beer Pong Shot - You must shoot the ball with your hand behind your back. This is tricky, and takes talent.
  • Left Handed beer pong shot (Or right handed if you are left handed) - This shot is a lot easier.
  • No Roll Backs

Determining which method you can use depends on the house, so be sure to ask.  Our official beer pong rules do not allow rollbacks. 

Straggler Beer Pong Rule:

Some "house rules" allow you to use the straggler tactic. A straggler cup is any cup that, because of earlier successful beer pong shots, is a cup away from all other cups, and thus away from the group. Each player gets one straggler shot. To use it, you must call "Straggler" and sink the pong ball in the straggler cup. If you miss, there is no penalty, but if you sink any other cups, they do not count. If you do manage to sink the cup, you get to remove another cup of your choice.

Calling your Pong Cup:

Some more advanced players allow you to call the cup you are aiming at. Sometimes, the pong shot only counts if you sink it in the cup you called. In other cases, you get a bonus cup for each cup that you call and sink. But, if you sink a cup you do not call, the shot does not count.


Some house rules allow you to beam the pong ball at cups that are hardly filled. If you can knock them off the table, than it counts as a sunk cup. Some places do not allow this. Traditionally, any cup that is filled even somewhat adequately will not fall off by beaming. But if a cup is near the edge and hardly filled, beaming may be a fun and possible option. Wall Bounces: Most houses that allow bouncing allow bouncing off any surface, including the walls. These count as double cups if you sink one if bounces are allowed, but they may also be blocked and swatted.

Re Rack Options:

There are many different and common ways to re rack your pong cups

  • "Stop Light" or "Linear" - Three cups in a linear direction down the center.
  • "Triangle" - Standard Triangle at the back of the table
  • "Side-car" or "Sidecar“ - A triangle with the point facing to the left or right, as opposed to straight "Rectangle“ - 4 cups arranged in a square, not very common, the parallelogram or rhombus is more popular
  • "Parallelogram"- An inverted rectangle that minimizes space between cups. 

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